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Anthony’s Curling Page

Revised 2018-01-14

I should have started this page a long time ago on my web site, but I was too busy curling!

2018 Olympic Winter Games

Because I'll be travelling during the Games, I created a calendar of all the times when Canada is playing, whether it's Mixed Doubles, Men's, or Women's. In case it is useful to anyone else, you can subcribe to it using this link:

This is a webcal-style link, so it should work in most calendar apps. (It should work automatically if you are using an Apple device like an iPhone or a Mac.)

Opinion Pieces

Sometimes, tweeting about curling just isn't enough. If I have something more substantial, I post it on this site. So far, just this:


Here is a short list of my favourite curling resources (including Twitter handles and Facebook pages where appropriate):